Organic Babchi Revival-10 Serum

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Babchi is an organic extract from the Psoralea Coryfloria seed that shows to have an anti-aging affect similar to Retinol without the harsh side affects.

Babchi / Bakuchiol:
For centuries Babchi has been used in traditional Eastern medicine to treat many skin issues. Babchi is an oil extracted from the seed and leaves of the Psoralea Corylifolia plant.
While it appears to offer an overall reduction of fine lines and pigmentation, it also is rich in antioxidant’s, such as Bakuchiol, offering anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties (excellent for acne-prone skin) while it stimulates collagen, resulting in increased skin elasticity.
Clinical Studies:
As per clinical studies conducted by the British Journal of dermatology 2019, the authors concluded that when comparing Babchi to Retinol, results showed both ingredients exhibited a significant decreased in the appearance of fine lines with improved appearance of hyper pigmentation after 12 weeks. While both showed impressive results, the study stated that Babchi accomplished the results without the harsh skin irritation, redness and scaling, often associated with the use of Retinol.
Skin Type: All Skin Types
Suggested use: 1 to 2 drops to cover entire face and neck. Avoid sensitive eye area. Recommended evening use.
Psoralea Corylifolia (Babchi) Seed Oil*: Brightens, smooths and rejuvenates. Offers increased skin elasticity.
Rosa Canina Seed Oil*: Nourishes skin , while it hydrates, moisturizes, exfoliates and brightens. High in Vitamin A and C - Boost collagen and reduces inflammation.
Tocopherol* (Vitamin E): Softens skin, helps skin retain moisture. Offers exceptional free radical protection.
Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*: Is a non-comedogenic oil rich in Oleic Acid, Vitamin E, Linoleic Acid and Sesamol. Sesamol is known to protect skin from free radicals. The Linoleic acid helps protect the skin’s natural barrier while it helps retain moisture and offers an anti-bacterial effect.​
* Organically Produced Ingredient

​Certified Organic Ingredients: 95-100%

Size: 30 mL / 1 fl oz

image-usdaorganic-50.png Made in Canada