Hair Goop 60 ml

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Formulated for curly hair Niko Hair Goop gives your locks that extra lift they deserve. Niko Hair Goop contains fibers that help pull hair stands together creating a perfect curl thatÂ’s frizz free. Loaded with natural ingredients, Niko Hair Goop will not only enhance your curl, it will nourish and protect it. Ever wonder what your straight hair would look like wavy? Niko Hair Goop promises to transform lifeless straight hair to a beautiful resilient wave.
Directions: Wash your hair with your favorite Niko Shampoo and Conditioner. Apply Niko Citrus Revive to damp hair for added shine. Emulsify Niko Hair Goop in combination with Niko Apricot Jelly in your hands and apply to hair. Now take large sections of hair and twist them, gently defuse your hair with a blow dryer and enjoy your new look. For best results mix Niko Hair Goop with Niko Styling Gel. (1 quarter size amount of Hair Jelly + 1 finger tip amount of Hair Goop) set your curl free!!!